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Police say a man is in critical condition Wednesday after getting shot in the neck in Brooklyn. According… 3m

Police: Man shot in the neck in Brooklyn; suspect at large  News 12 Bronx
“brooklyn news” – Google News 5m

Larry Nassar Stabbed in Prison Over Lewd Remark About Women  Radar Online
“Idaho murders weapon: knife equipped drone?” – Google News 5m
Y57U3bvY.jpg а>
Julia Davis retweeted: @DarthPutinKGB We lied…
Julia Davis (Twitter) 6m

Ukraine tops NATO summit agenda along with defense plans, Sweden’s membership and Belarus fears
“Putin Biden summit” – Google News 7m

Russia-Ukraine war – latest: Wagner mercenaries ‘arrive in Belarus’ as Putin sacks top commander  AOL
“Russian Brooklyn” – Google News 7m

Interpol will now search for Ukrainian traitor quislings  Euromaidan Press
“kharkiv” – Google News 7m

by CORY SMITH | The National DeskTue, June 27th 2023, 8:18 PM UTCFILE – Violent protesters, loyal to… 1h

FBI, Homeland Security ‘failed to sound the alarm’ ahead of Jan. 6 …  KOMO News
“Criminality in FBI” – Google News 1h

Xi stresses advancing high-quality development of cybersecurity …  China Daily
cybersecurity – Google News 1h

NYC Weather: Thunderstorms In Forecast All Week | New York City …  Patch
“weather Brooklyn NY” – Google News 1h

Heat records continue to fall across the Southwest. Fundraising data shows former Vice President Mike…
CNN 5 Things 1h
VXYa6tHh.jpg а>
F.B.I. Director Testifying Before House Panel as It Assails the Bureau…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h
VXYa6tHh.jpg а>…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h
VXYa6tHh.jpg а>…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h
VXYa6tHh.jpg а>…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h
VXYa6tHh.jpg а>
Путинизм как фашизм
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h
VXYa6tHh.jpg а>
Встреча с главой ВТБ Андреем Костиным 11 июля 2023 года Москва, Кремль……
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h
VXYa6tHh.jpg а>
biden and king charles – YouTube…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h
cLYnDbg1.jpg а>
Michael Novakhov retweeted: ⚡️The largest German…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h
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Russian mafia in Mexico as the base of operations against the United States – Google Search…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h
Gp8jNUv2.jpg а>
Michael Novakhov retweeted: Disturbing videos…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h
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Michael Novakhov retweeted: Russian mafia in…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h
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Michael Novakhov retweeted: Opinion by Marc…
Tweets by ‎@mikenov 1h

The FBI has opened two criminal investigations into violent incidents involving Los Angeles County sheriff’s…
FBI from Michael_Novakhov (35 sites) 9h

Prigozhin refused to cede command of Wagner: Putin
“Kremlin Papers” – Google News 9h

FBI’s Comey Commits an Act of Crime Fiction  SpyTalk
“comey” – Google News 9h

Special counsel Jack Smith says Trump aide is proposing an ‘unnecessary’ delay by trying to push a Friday…
“special counsel jack smith” – Google News 9h

Skulls, other body parts used in decor at Kentucky home  CTV NewsFBI finds human remains ‘decorated’…
“fbi” – Google News 9h

July 14, 2023 – New York architect arrested in Long Island serial killings  CNN
“Investigate the FBI Investigators” – Google News 9h

A suspect was charged in the Gilgo Beach serial killings cold case. Here’s a timeline of the case and…
“Investigate the FBI Investigators” – Google News 9h

Russo-Ukrainian War. Day 506: Kremlin orders detention and …  Euromaidan Press
“chechens in ukraine war” – Google News 10h

Prigozhin Photo May Offer Clue to His Whereabouts  Newsweek
“Wagner group” – Google News 10h

Putin says Wagner Group has no legal basis and therefore simply doesn’t exist  The Independent
“Wagner group” – Google News 10h

Over the past day, Ukraine’s Air Force launched 13 strikes on enemy personnel clusters and hit an anti-aircraft…
Latest news – UkrInform 10h

Rep. Jamie Raskin joins MSNBC’s Ali Velshi to discuss the importance of accountability for the January…
msnbc 10h

US officials worry about ‘chilling effect’ on combating election disinformation after order limiting…
“Sexual harassment in FBI” – Google News 10h

Top general’s dismissal reveals new crack in Russian military …  Spectrum News 1
“general. gerasimov” – Google News 10h

FILE – Insurrectionists loyal to President Donald Trump breach the Capitol in Washington, Jan. 6, 2021….
Google Alert – Trump and the Capitol Riot of January 6, 2021 10h

… officers during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 … results for Biden over Trump,…
Google Alert – Trump and the Capitol Riot of January 6, 2021 10h

6, 2021, riot on the Capitol was sentenced to six years in prison on Friday. … loyal to President Donald…
Google Alert – Trump and the Capitol Riot of January 6, 2021 10h

Retired US general and former CIA chief says Putin’s Ukraine …  Yahoo! Voices
“russia-ukraine war news” – Google News 10h

Key takeaways from this week’s NATO summit, according to the …  WYPR
“Russian Mob” – Google News 10h

В рамках учений Lükex 23 будет отрабатываться попытка срыва деятельности правительства ФРГ в результате…
Russia News and News In Russian from Michael_Novakhov (57 sites) 10h

Ukraine-Russia war latest: Top Russian commander ‘killed by UK …  Sky News
“Russians halt their offensive in Ukraine” – Google News 10h

Wagner not participating in Ukraine fighting in any significant way: Pentagon  Hurriyet Daily News
“Valery Gerasimov” – Google News 10h

Против врача из Ижевска возбудили дело о повторной дискредитации армии, сообщил центр “Сова”. Все началось…
Каспаров.Ru 10h

An Analysis Of The Prigo Coup  Modern Ghana
“Russian troops enter Donbas” – Google News 10h

Russian Billionaire Abramovich Challenges EU Sanctions against Him  Asharq Al-awsat – English
“Russian troops enter Donbas” – Google News 10h

I’m thrilled to report how much I liked the premiere episode of the new five-part HBO miniseries White… 21h

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